5 Pro Tips to Ease Your Girl Guide Planning Using Trello

5 Pro Tips to Ease Your Girl Guide Planning Using Trello

Let’s face it, planning for Girl Guides can be more than a handful. That’s why I’m sharing tips for using my favourite productivity tool with you: Trello! This app will help you capture all of your thoughts and facilitate communication with your fellow Co-Guiders.

You can sign up for a free account at http://trello.com.

1. Create a card for each challenge of each program area.

If you have a lot of creative juices, you will get program ideas for challenges that you haven’t even began yet. Personally, I found ideas for the inventing, sewing and theatre sports activities of Discover Your Creativity when I wasn’t even looking. You can not only jot down your notes on the go via the Trello iOS or Android app, but instantly organize them into your overall plan.

2. Create a card for each meeting.

Trello Meeting CardDedicating a card to each meeting allows you to write an agenda and breakdown the activities you want to accomplish for the day. You can also list the items to prepare in advance, as well as take attendance via the checklist tool. I think it’s important to keep an attendance record for your own reference, so you know which Girls completed all of the criteria for each challenge and which Girls need a catchup session. They will see it as unfair if Girls who were away for key meetings also receive the badge without doing the necessary work.

Trello has an archive function for old and irrelevant cards, but I find it easier to move these cards to a “Past Meetings” list as they pass for easy reference.

3. Attach photos and screenshots.

Using visuals can help you communicate very efficiently with your Co-Guiders. You can attach screenshots from the Canadian Guider so that you are literally all on the same page, or pictures of your own projects that you have been working on.

4. Use stickers.

Stickers can help you identify key pieces of information at a glance. Some examples include: current and completed program area challenges, as well as popular ideas.


5. Use labels.

This function is super versatile as it provides another level of sorting and organization. I have chosen to go through the program area challenges in a particular order because I think certain parts will provide a foundation for others; I used the labels to identify the year and season that they will be addressed. Additionally, specific meeting cards can be labelled as badge nights or special events.

There are many ways to make Trello, or your favourite productivity tool, work for you. Just remember, a little bit of structure goes a very long way – and planning should be fun!


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