Simple Sew Winter Tree

This year, I decided that my Girls needed extra guidance in sewing their badges. I remember being “reminded” often that the safety pins are only temporary. Anyway, I ended up taking a lesson away that night – sewing will be a work in progress at my unit.

That being said, I figured that this activity was a good choice because it gives the Girls exposure to needle and thread, without involving complicated stitches. Secondly, my unit is very multicultural, so I didn’t want to highlight any particular holiday over another. Feel free to decorate your trees as you see fit!

What you will need:

  • White, green and brown felt
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Glitter pens

What to do:

  1. Cut 15 1″ squares of brown felt, and various size squares of green and white felt.
  2. Thread the needle, double the thread and make a knot at the two loose ends. Tip: If you have a group of novice seamstresses, you may wish to thread the needles in advance. To distribute the needles efficiently, thread all of the needles onto one spool of thread and secure the end with a few knots. Then, at the meeting, move the needles down the spool, cutting off one piece of thread with a needle at a time.
  3. Push the needle through the pieces of brown felt, a few at a time. Offset the squares from one another to give the tree a whimsical look. Do the same with the green and white felt pieces, starting with the biggest squares first.
  4. Make a loop from a 4″ piece of decorate thread. Sew the knot to the top of the tree and push the needle back down through the squares of felt. Secure the whole tree with more knots at the bottom.
  5. Use the glitter pens to give the trees a shimmery snowy effect.

Simple Sew Winter Tree

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