Encourage Pride & Discovery of the Guide Handbook

4 Easy Bookmark Designs

This year, I am leading a large group of first-year Girl Guides. To the Girls it probably seems like they are in for two hours of fun and games each week, but this time is also their opportunity to build an open mind and develop practical skills.

The Guide Handbook is especially useful in the first few weeks of the year because it includes all of the resources necessary to teach the Promise, Law, Motto and Guiding insignia. This is where the bookmark comes in: it will help the Girls remember the important pages for the week. Each of these designs will inspire discovery and creativity.

4 Easy Bookmark Designs

But, use of the bookmark doesn’t stop there! Take the Handbook a step further and use it as a journal. Get your Girls to take ownership of their Guiding journeys and create a relationship with their books.

Guide Handbook Journaling Pages

  • Page 3: Names in books please! This is important so Girls don’t accidentally take home someone else’s book. Emergency information also comes in handy when you’re in a bind.
  • Pages 7 & 8: Writing down the unit information helps Girls remember the logistics and acknowledge your time together. Guider and patrol information is useful when parents or kids have a question.
  • Page 316: Recording the years Girls spent in the organization will help them recognize the bond they have to the group.
  • Pages 317-319: Noting the completion of the program challenges shows the Girls how their dedication and effort is helping them grow, and ultimately achieve the Lady Baden-Powell pin.
  • Pages 320-327: Reflecting on the memories Girls created and the experiences they accumulated during camping trips can help them appreciate the purpose of Girl Guides in the years to come.

4 Easy Bookmark Designs


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