Multiply the Meaning of Friendship Bracelets

Creating a Web of Thanks

Yesterday, I shared a three-step framework for how to get your Girl Guides to be more grateful. After I published the post, I realized that the theme of gratitude could be extended much further, so I’m adding a few more activities to remind children of their good fortunes.

Creating thank you bracelets is a good exercise to conclude a significant event like a multi-day camping trip where new experiences happen and friendships are formed. This is also one of my favourites because it doesn’t require too many materials and it drives the message home effectively.

What you will need:

  • A ball of yarn
  • Scissors

What to do:

  1. Form a circle with your Girls.
  2. Start by asking the Girls to reflect on their experience of the event. What were the highlights and who played a part in making their time extra special?
  3. Holding onto the end of the yarn, toss the ball to someone who positively impacted your experience and explain that moment to the rest of the group.
  4. This new person will also hold onto the yarn while extending the gratitude to another participant in the group.
  5. Repeat the stories of appreciation until everyone has been thanked, forming a crisscrossing web. This represents the connections and total impact you made on each other.
  6. Then pass the scissor around make a cut at the piece you are holding. This action now signifies your separation from this event.
  7. Make a bracelet with a piece of string from the web so you can remember the good times spent amongst good company.



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